The Job interview preparation series has started in GOLN | Gurukul Bangladesh

After finishing academic education, the thing we all desperate for is a suitable job. We think the job was needed yesterday. But many of us do not realize that it is very important to be able to give a good job interview in addition to all the qualifications to get a suitable job. Despite having all the qualifications, many opportunities can be missed due to the interviewer not being able to answer the right questions in a timely manner. In other words, in this competitive job market, one of the prerequisites for getting a job is a successful interview. No matter how smart and competent you are, if you want to go for a job interview, you have to prepare separately. Because it is a place where it is very difficult to get a second chance if you make a mistake.


If you think you have nothing to prepare for a job interview, you are certainly wrong. Like all other qualifications, you have to prepare a lot for the job interview, you have to work hard and prepare yourself. If you don’t do that, you can’t prove your worth in the job market and you can’t find the right job. The easier it is to hear the interview, the harder it is to actually complete it. So once we understand the importance, we have to prepare ourselves physically and mentally for the job interview.


This special series of our Gurukul Online Learning Network published to help you in that  mission. Gurukul Pramukh Sufi Faruq Ibne Abubakar answered common quesitons.