Gurukul has started the work of creating Skilled Technology Professionals for the students of Kumarkhali and Khosla.

For the students of Kumarkhali and Khoksa, Gurukul  has started the work of creating Skilled Technology Professionals. This initiative was organized under the special project “Technology Based Employment Project, Kumarkhali-Khoksa”. “Kumarkhali-Khosa Student Kalyan Parishad” is providing assistance which is organized by Gurukul Promukh Sufi Faruq Ibne Abubakar.

Under this project, the young people of Kumarkhali-Khoksa will be made as a new era’s qualified professionals by teaching technology. After training, they will be helped to get their jobs or work.

On the inaugural ceremony of this project, Gurukul Promukh Mr. Sufi Faruq Ibne Abubakar, Al Emran – Head of Technical Department of Gurukul  ICT Development Lab, Assistant Professor Al-Mamun – Information Technology Trainer and Assistant Professor Jahangir Hossain were present on the occasion. Among others, the chief of the Legal department of Gurukul Shamim Rana and coordinator of Gurukul kumarkhali Abdus Salam were present.


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