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The Job interview preparation series started in GOLN : After finishing education life, the thing that we all become desperate for our dream job. We think the job was really needed yesterday. We think that we have a certificate as recognition of having studied for so long. So why do I have to wait to get that dream job? We consider the academic certificate as the recognition of our final qualifications. There is no necessity to acquire any other qualifications.

Although it is difficult to accept, one fact must be accepted, that the academic certificate does not mean Employability. Today, Certificates, as well as certificate-related hard skills, common soft skills, special skills required for a particular job, and many other things, are the prerequisites for employment. In addition to all this, another skill is very important, which is the ability to give a successful job interview or to be able to fully demonstrate yourself matching the conditions of the employer.The Job interview preparation series started in GOLN

Keep in mind, despite having all the qualifications described above, many opportunities can go out of hand, only if you do not communicate properly during the job interview, fail to give the right presentation, or do not address the right questions with the right answers. In other words, in today’s competitive job market, one of the prerequisites for job assurance is a successful interview. No matter how smart or qualified you are, remember that a job interview is a different kind of preparation. In order to go to a job interview and successfully complete it, you need to prepare yourself, in addition to all the qualifications, separately.

A job interview is a place where if you make a mistake, it is very difficult to get a second chance. So If you think that there no necessity to prepare for a job interview separately, then you are making a big mistake. Remember, just like all other hard skills or soft skills that have to be acquired through regular hard work with preparation, in order to be successful in a job interview, you have to prepare yourself separately. One has to learn the application of different techniques and intelligence. Without that preparation, in today’s job market, it is difficult to prove one’s worth.

And if you can’t do that, it is difficult to get the job going advanced to your competitors. The easier it is to see a job interview or the easier it is to listen to it, the harder it is to finish it in reality. So it is not difficult to understand how important this preparation is. If you understand the importance, start preparing physically and mentally for the job interview. The Gurukul Online Learning Network [GOLN] is with you to help ensure your successful interview. Gurukul’s instructor Shihab Hasan Neyon asked about the job interview in this series. Gurukul Chief Sufi Faruq Ibn Abubakar answered.

If you have any more questions after watching this interview series, please let us know by commenting below on our videos. We will try to give that answer as time and opportunity.

[ The Job interview preparation series started in GOLN ]

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