Vision & Mission

Success through traditional education in Bangladesh is not noticeable compared to the number of participants. Young entrepreneurs of Gurukul have identified few reasons behind it. Which are, Learners losses significant years from their life for non productive education which are not related with practical fields. Though learners receive degree but they fail to develop essential employability skills which are required by the employers. The market cannot offer employment to all graduates as the market does not have it.

The consequences is severe, which are not limited within losses of precious energetic time from learners life, compromising with unsatisfactory working conditions, drives ordinary people away from skill development as they think it is unaffordable, frustration and other complicated socio economical problem. The more young people out of the employment and engagement with skill, the more risk society will face and it is already visible.

Gurukul was formed by Bangladeshi & non resident Bangladeshi young entrepreneurs to focus on skill development among Bangladeshi young people. Gurukul was established as a provider but we will also encourage young people about the opportunities of vocational and technical education. Our target is to make young people ready to join skilled workforce when they are 20-21 years old or even earlier with the help of short courses.

Along with academic achievement, Gurukul will focus on developing essential employability skills which are equally valuable with education. Gurukul intends to make awareness among rural people about the importance and benefits of skill development.

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